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им. В.В Докучаева

     Soil Science Museum - a science museum for children and adults.

     Soil Science Museum - is a window into the mysterious and wonderful world of the soil. 

                              See the world with the naked eye is difficult. But you can not only see in a museum,

but also to literally immerse themselves in it.

                                           But that hides from us this nondescript and unremarkable object?

 Soil - a place where life

and death are associated with each other.

                            Each gram of soil full of life: the processes of decomposition and synthesis, accumulation

and migration, he fight for survival and resources.


    Interestingly this place and at the global level. Only the emissions of

greenhouse gases from the upper fertile layer 10 times the emissions

of cars and factories. What can we say about the influence of the soil

on the filtration process and the evaporation of water, changes in temperature

and air balance of the composition, 90% of production of food for humans.






















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